What are my options for certain dismissals?
* Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Liability Insurance):
May be dismissed with proof that the financial responsibility or insurance policy was valid at the time of the offense. The Court will call to verify in order for dismissal.

* Expired Driver's License:
May be dismissed upon payment of a $20.00 dismissal fee with proof that you renewed by the court date on the citation.

* Deferred Disposition:
This is available to dismiss offenses. You must pay the equivalent of the window fine and costs in addition to a special expense fee, and you cannot receive any citations/convictions in the State during your deferral period. You must request this option by the appearance date on your citation. This option cannot be chosen if you had a commercial driver's license at the time of offense or were speeding 25 mph over the limit.
**Note: Some offenses may have additional requirements.**

* Driver's Safety Course:
May be used to dismiss one moving traffic violation. You must provide written request to the Court by your appearance date. You will be required to pay an administration fee and court costs. This option is unavailable to you if you do not hold a valid TX DL (military exempt). Do not have proof of insurance, a CDL holder, were speeding 25 mph over the limit, passing a school bus, leaving the scene, or cited in a work zone while workers present.

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