Fire School


The Canyon Fire Department along with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service has conducted a training school for the past 35 years. This annual training is conducted each year in September with an approximate attendance of 750.

There are approximately 16 classes where subjects cover many of the operational matters that firefighters must know and fully understand in responding to the many different types of calls that they may receive.

The guest instructors come from within the fire departments in the panhandle, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and the Texas Forest Service.

For more information, please see the attached form (PDF), or feel free to contact the Canyon Fire Department at 806-655-5010.

Training School Summary

The training school is conducted to offer many of the smaller departments in the panhandle some hands-on training.

The hands-on training includes structure firefighting techniques, fires involving liquid petroleum gas in farm settings and storage facilities, fires in industrial plants, and fires in transportation situations.

The structural firefighting allows fire fighters to enter an actual structure that is on fire and teaches them the necessary safety measures to protect themselves. They can also learn to rescue entrapped occupants and extinguish the fire with minimal damage.

Firefighters also have the opportunity to train with breathing apparatus by entering a smoke house that is charged with training smoke.